About Us

Meet the Owner

The founder of ADR Staffing is a veteran accounting professional specializing in oil and gas consulting services which gives her the insight of both sides of the business as a client and an employee. Her personal background uniquely qualifies her to meet any needs of oil professionals and other business owners because she has unparalleled knowledge in this area. In addition, her years of experience in

professional positions have allowed her to develop strong working relationships with various Fortune 500 companies. That mere fact places this start-up staffing business in a unique position to outperform any competitors from day one.


ADR Staffing utilizes the latest advances in technology to meet the needs of our clients and to allow potential clients to reach us. ADR Staffing is developing a mobile app for tablets and smartphones so that our existing clients and potential new clients are always able to communicate with our team in a manner that is most convenient for them. Individual clients also have the option of purchasing their own mobile app from ADR Staffing. We will customize the app specifically for the client’s business and incorporate the features that are most important to that client and their business. This aspect of our marketing plan and business operations sets us apart from competitors currently providing staffing services.

Another innovative strategy implemented by ADR Staffing is the establishment of internship and mentoring opportunities for students at local Houston colleges and universities to establish early working relationships with future professionals to ensure a healthy availability of qualified employees as the business grows.

ADR Staffing understands that three vital components must be present and cultivated to be a leader in this industry. Those three must-haves are the right people, the right experience, and the necessary knowledge.